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posted 2 years ago

hestia-quite-jones asked: Ok I'll meet you there =)

See you soon! 

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posted 2 years ago

hestia-quite-jones asked: Haha Thanks! Hmmm I don't know, maybe we can go grab a bit to eat or something?

I’m down for that. I’m starving anyway and I could do with a good burger and some fries.

posted 2 years ago

hestia-quite-jones asked: I actually have some free time want to hang out?

Do I want to hang out with the best roommate in the world? Hmmmm. That’s a toughie. 

Just playing. That’s a hell yeah. What did you have in mind?

posted 2 years ago

Psht, you call skipping last weeks practice ‘on time’? I’m not threatening you- if I can’t have my players show up for practice, I’m not going to hesitate to replace you. Just be there, got it?

That wasn’t my fault and you know it. I was on Academic Probation just because of that lousy C+ I got on that test. 

But anyways, I know. I’ll be there, so don’t worry.

hestia-quite-jones asked: Hey are you busy?

Not that I know of. What’s up, Roomie?

posted 2 years ago


Well, Raquel. That’s a kind thing for you to say.

How are you?

I’m pretty good, actually, just a little bored. What about you?

tup-terror-titus-deactivated201 asked: Hey, Ervin. If you don't show up at practice, it will literally take me less time to cut you than it would to breathe. And you know exactly just how well I treat weak links on the team.

Cool your jets, ‘El Captain’. I’m always on time for practice. Leave the threats for the scared underclassmen that fear your wrath. 


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Nice to meet you. I’m Tim.

Call me Raquel. The pleasure is all mines, kid.